Aston Martin Vantage

Aston Martin Vantage

Who doesn’t know about Aston Martin? Who has never heard about it? Even those who aren’t James Bond’s movie fans know about it, including me. If you never heard about it, which planets are you from?

Well, never mind the questions. Let’s talk about the new Aston Martin car. As you already know, Aston Martin is already associated with James Bond’s car, emitting the aura of perfection, strength, elegance, and maybe a little bit of danger. It’s been known as a very classy car, with complete feature and sophisticated look. Don’t be fooled by the look because this car is also kicking. You don’t need to be doubtful about the speed because it’s really fast, and it’s also easy to control.

The new Aston Martin Vantage is also offering the same benefits and features. It’s more suitable as a race car. It has V8 engine of 4.7 liter, providing more power than before. The body look also looks sporty with front splitter and large boot spoiler. It also has new diffuser for carbon fiber. This vehicle is also equipped with control system that will make you easier to control it. No wonder consumers around the world have ordered this vehicle. It’s reported that the company has sold about 80 Vantage cars.


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2010 Honda CR-V Owner’s Manual Guide

honda crv

Average Fuel Economy

When either of the trip meters (trip A or B) is displayed, your vehicle’s average fuel economy since you last reset that trip meter can be shown on the information display (mpg on U.S. models and l/100 km on Canadian models). This number is updated once per 10 seconds. To see the average fuel economy, press and release the select/reset knob repeatedly.

Temperature Gauge

This shows the temperature of the engine’s coolant. During normal operation, the reading should be in the middle of the gauge. In severe driving conditions, such as very hot weather or a long period of uphill driving, the reading may reach near the red mark. If it reaches the red (Hot) mark, pull safely to the side of the road.

Parking Brake

To apply the parking brake, push the pedal down with your foot. To release it, push on the pedal again. The parking brake indicator on the instrument panel should go out when the parking brake is fully released.

For more information about Honda CR-V feature and maintenance, you could download the Honda CR-V user manual guide in PDF file below.

2010 Honda CR-V Owner’s Manual

Note: There is a file embedded within this post, please visit this post to download the file.

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Learning More Facts about Car Auction

The first fact about car auction you need to know is that there are two types of auction you will commonly find out there. The local and online auctions are the two possible alternatives to visit and join. What you have to know is the best way to participate in either local or online auction and finally buy or sell cars with most reasonable price.

Local Auction

The first thing you need to do in this kind of car auction is to pre-register to the local vehicle auction which you wish to join. Once you register, you will get a lot of information you will probably need during the auction. In this case, the auction staff will tell the details to you about the local auction rules, the right procedures and also the comprehensive instructions in bidding the car.

Online Auction

This type of car auction brings little difference if compared to the local auction. It offers practicality, but you cannot inspect the cars firstly, especially if the location is outside your area. Commonly, people will inspect the car firstly before bidding online, but the far location is not always an easy thing to deal with. You can inspect it just after the car is shipped to your home. For some people, this kind of auction is not as comfortable as the local auction.

Car Auction

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The Top 2011 Cars for You

People have seen a lot of car during their life and knowing the latest car trend for next season or next year will be something inevitable especially if they are the car collectors. What about the great sexy small 2011 cars?

There are at least five great sexy small 2011 cars you can find and buy. The year of 2011 will be started by the introduction of Nissan Juke. This is a mini SUV which offers cool looking and come in both two wheel and four wheel drive versions. The next great choice is called Chevy Spark. This is the tiny car with Korean style and designed particularly for Asian market. But, you can also have it if you like its performance.

The 2011 Ford Fiesta becomes the next alternative. This is one of the 2011 cars. It sits on the first rank of the small economy cars list. To complete your reference, you can look at Fiat 500 as well. It is a fun little car and this Italian product brings the great European retro look for the users. The last choice you can look at is called Mini Cooper. It is designed for 5 passengers and looks so good and sexy. Now, have you found the best one to complete the cars on your garage?

2011 Cars

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The 98 Honda Accord Car Review

When it comes to talk about 98 Honda Accord, there will be a lot of things and opinions you would have heard about such vehicle from many people who have ever used such thing before. In fact, some people claim this one as the best mid-size car they have ever found in America. This is the sixth redesigned generation of Honda Accord which has run perfectly on the road for thousand miles and let people come to their destination conveniently.

The 98 Honda Accord offers the same (and even better) convenience which is previously brought by the former series. This one is more expensive with much better overall body construction. You will find the comfortable and roomy interior design which responsive as well as well damped suspension. Further, the brakes are really excellent too with the good brand-new VTEC engines.

This 98 Honda Accord can be called as family car which has successfully grabbed the attention from many family car lovers. For years, Honda has been the reliable brand for so many people out there and they love this car also because of its easy and friendly riding features. Surely, this is a worthy investment to consider and will bring nice performance on the road.

98 Honda Accord

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