Academy Awards: The Red Carpet - Covered By Rain Again

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As I write this, I'm at The Grill Restaurant at Highland and Hollywood, waiting for my blogging colleagues Marla Schulman, Milena Merrill, and Jen Friel and listening to two people obviously well-connected with the Oscar production talk about how there are a lot of new people working on it, and it's "not as much fun" as before. Sad.

I don't know what's going on that produced such an environment, but I could not help but think of how it must be hell to dream of working at The Academy Awards, only to get bogged down by the sameness of it once you keep doing it for several years.

And then I thought about the rain.

If you read this space a lot, you may (or may not) remember my falling and hitting my head outside the Red Carpet last year. If not, here's the video:

This year, believe it or not, it's much wetter outside - sheets of rain were coming down, although it looks like it's stopped now. But from what the folks are telling me, there's supposed to be storms through Sunday.

I hope not. I hate the rain, but I gotta deal with it.

And tomorrow will be that day, and bring the MTV-U Press Conference to announce the winner of the 2011 Oscar Competition. What's fun is not just to see how the students react to all this "Oscar stuff" but to determine what they're going to do on Oscar Sunday, when their talents are put to the test.

Beyond that, there are a lot of parties going on around town, mostly at private residents and a number very hush-hush. That's another way of saying if I get into one, you may not know it.

Oscars Less Dramatic

This time the Oscars are a lot less dramatic than 2010. The 10 Best Pictures are into their second year. There's no rogue producer using email to diss his Academy competitors for Best Picture. And it really seem the possibility for an upset is almost non-existent.

Still, as a friend said, anything could happen.

Like. Maybe. The rain going away?

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Stay tuned.


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