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Christina Aguilera blond hair color

Christina Aguilera is one of the few celebrities which wears a platinum blonde color and suits her. But platinum blond colors don’t suit everyone so be careful if you want to try this cool hairstyles color.


Extremely light hair will achieve its effect only when the natural hair colors at least a light brown. Otherwise, the damage to the hair too bright shades of hair but also not suit those who have darker skin.


What kind of hairstyle suits platinum blond hair color? You can wear almost everything: from bob, stairs, on a banana stapled with various hair accessories.


You must however be aware of the need to maintain a blond hair color.


2010 Hair Trends: Short hairstyles for 2010

Short hairstyles for fall 2010 include pixie cuts, razored bobs and super-sculpted bobs that replicate some of the leading red-carpet looks for the season. Hair color trends for Fall are leaning towards jet black, golden blonde and rich brown and chestnut hues, and can complement all of the leading hairstyles.


2010 Hairstyle Trend: Super-Short Crop
If you’ve been thinking about pulling off the cropped look, this is the season to go for it. Thanks to celebrities including Rihanna and Victoria Beckham, the cropped, boyish cut is back for another season and is especially attractive for women with well-defined features and a symmetrical face.


2010 Hairstyle Trend: Pixie Cut
The pixie cut is a variation of the super-short crop, except this one doesn’t have any layers and can be playful and flirty with a few short bangs in front. This style is another leading trend for short hair for fall 2009, and is flattering for both blondes and brunettes.


Hot Updo wedding hairstyles

Updo wedding hairstyles are the most in-thing in any formal and informal function that are held these days, be it an award presentation ceremony or a casual evening gathering or let us say something grand like a wedding.

Beautiful bride on wedding day

So than what is this up do hair styles. Up do hair styles have originated from the Victorian era. This is one comfortable hair style. However, people who are comfortable with up do hair styles are the ones with short hairstyle.


This does not mean that there are people who have less hair are the only ones who should go in for up do hair styles; they would look grand on people with long hair as well. Here when a hair stylist has to work on people with long hairstyle to create the updo look, he / she has to work real hard and he / she will be required to make use of a lot of pins and pricks.


There are certain hairstyles that would create a furor wherever the lady goes. The updo hairstyle is one among them. Even in up do hair styles there are a lot of varieties of work. One can create the best in an “elegant up do” look set up. For women with short hair, the “Simple twist updo hairstyle is one of the most fabulous ones”.


For women with longer hair one can go in for the “Messy up do”. This would suit the occasion. But what one has to look out for is the type of groom.


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