Choosing Your First Hybrid Car

Choosing Your First Hybrid Car

hybrid car

The rising of oil prices makes customers find any possible ways to save their expenses dealing with car buying. As the growing market of hybrid cars raging in the auto market, more people are now tend to choose hybrid cars. There are options related to hybrid cars in the market today. Sedans, SUVs even trucks are available in the market. However, choosing the right one for you is not as easy as ABC. Here are some points that you may find useful to help.

1. The price. The price of hybrids cars is available from $ 19,000 to $ 50,000. You need to note that prices may vary in every country.

2. The size. You also need to consider the size in choosing the most suitable one. You nee to consider the number of persons that will occupy the car, the capacity of boot, the overall space, etc. for example if you need a family car, the sporty 2-passenger-vehicle Honda Insight may not fulfill your need, even though it is very fuel efficient.

3. Appearance. The look is also essential. So, what kind of design that fits your style and character? This hybrid car is an image of you as a whole. So, choose one that can describe you best.

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Ford Ranger Powered by 6 Speed Transmission

Ford Ranger to Debut at Australian International Motor Show

If you need a tough looking pickup truck capable for carrying heavy cargo and towing trailers yet comfortable and fun for family trip, the Ford Ranger is the answer. It’s the macho, strong kind of truck that you usually see on the road, but it’s also cozy to bring your family around.

The comfort can be seen when you look at the interior side. It’s spacious with luxurious yet relaxed atmosphere. With sophisticated back up technologies, such as rear park assist system, rearview camera system, control for trailer sway and adaptive load, you would feel in control all the time. Another good point is that the interior trim panel parts are interchangeable and come with color choice as you wish. The materials are durable and long lasting but also comfy. It has control option for ventilation and heating system. 3 passengers are able to fit inside the second row and still leaving enough legs-room. The amazing thing is that there’s still enough for cargo storage. You can find double cab pockets in all doors to keep the bottles, glove box big enough to keep your laptop, and console for phones. There’re even rooms underneath the rear seats for storing electronic items.

The truck is fuel economy, with 3 fuel engines of 2.2 liter Ford Duratorq TDCi diesels, with 6 speed transmission. The exterior part shows off toned and muscular look with vertical backlights and small spoiler on the tailgate.

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Feel Ford C-Max Power with EcoBoost

The new Ford C-MAX
Ford is launching its new miniature minivan line, the C-Max. The design looks similar like the Fiesta, only taller, with C-Max has more spacious interior area. The C-Max offers new experience in driving. It’s fun, light, and easy to control.
C-Max is the first Ford’s production using the EcoBoost 1.6 liter inline four system, which combines a turbocharger, direct-system injection, and twin independent cam shaft. It’s able to produce 177 hp and 175 nm torque. The EcoBoost power is very smooth and easy. With 6 speed manual transmissions, the driving is effortless and flexible. There’s no lag between the shift movement and changing at all. The driver is provided with wide access for clear sight of the road.
The interior part is cozy, with entertainment equipments mostly dominating the inner part. The steering wheel is equipped with control buttons, making you easy to control everything without having to move your hands far away. The panels are covered in titanium trim with easy arrangements to provide better access to the driver and passengers. Although there’s no much space left for the passengers, it’s still more spacious than the Fiesta line.
C-Max is still marketed in Europe only, but next year it’ll be sold in American market, with sliding side door and seats for 7 people.

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The Upcoming 2012 Audi A6 Review


Audi is back again with the new Audi 6, planned to launch in 2012. The new Audi 6 will bear sporty look. It’ll definitely use most sophisticated new technology, with body mostly made of aluminum and new high top steel. It’s also light and uses sporty chassis. The exterior part emphasizes the sporty look with LED headlights and taillights and alloy wheels.

The interior side offers new meaning of comfort and luxury, with front seats equipped with ventilation and massage system. It also has MMI radio system for radio and navigation, along with 6.5-inch touchscreen monitor displaying 3D graphic, able to be activated with voice activation mode. It’s equipped with automatic button for start and stop, multifunction steering wheel, and two AC systems. The passengers are given privilege to enjoy entertainment section from the TV module, DVD charger, and sophisticated sound system. Bluetooth connection and WLAN hotspot are also a part for interior luxury.

It has dual engines consisting of 2 gasoline engines and 3 TDI units, with 4 cylinder engines of V6 Quattro drive standard. It’s able to perform manual or automatic transmission. The safety concern includes airbags in front, side, and heads area, 4 safety belts, and head restraint system.

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Five Doors Range Rover Evoque


The Land Rover’s new line, the Range Rover Evoque, was launched with the new look of additional 5 doors feature. The car was launched on November 17, 2010 at Los Angeles Show, introducing it’s new look with coupe design with a bit higher rooftop line, suitable for cruise and family trip. The design is still faithful to the basic design of Land Rover which projecting strength, durability, and capability to explore all field-terrain, only with compact design. The 5 doors feature is aimed to provide better access, practicality, and flexibility.

The interior side has luxurious look, with most panels, seats, and doors covered with leather. It has full size panoramic roof access from glass, providing natural lights. The car is also equipped with Bluetooth connectivity for audio streaming, inputs for iPods, technology of Park Assist for parallel parking, and five digital cameras

The Land Rover is easy to control and agile, suitable for city driving or off-road path, thanks to Terrain ResponseTM system. With Adaptive Dynamics systems of MagneRide™, the car has great balance for easy ride and aggressive drive. The new vehicle is lighter than the previous model, making it a fuel friendly car. It comes with petrol and diesel engines, completed with directly injected engine and system for automatic stop and start. It also has Electric Power Assisted Steering (EPAS), resulting in low CO2 emission.

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