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Kate Moss fringe hairstyle

Model Kate Moss always has a hot hairstyle rather it is sleek and straight or boho waves. The hair fashion icon shows off how to use the fringe to soften facial features, although hers does not need any.


This fringe hairstyle uses a wider, long fringe that is spread over the forehead with the locks framed close to the face. The only minor problem with the hairstyle is the flyaway strands in some areas but other than that, this is another great hair look for Kate.

Lindsay Lohan long wavy hairstyle

Lindsay Lohan has been out of the major spotlight for a while but has made a comeback and here she sports a different look with her long wavy hairstyle. She has used the longer tresses, which look like hair extensions here, and blended the two color tone at the ends and highlights at the top.


The smooth, wavy texture is a unique styling method which combines with the strong off-center part. This long wavy hairstyle looks great with all hair lengths as long as it is not a short crop. Adding the wavy texture to bobs and medium length hair creates that same lovely look.


Eva Longoria updo hairstyle wedding hairstyle

Summer is a hot time for weddings and our visitors have informed us that we are lacking in that category so here is a romantic wedding hairstyle that is sure to last forever in all those photos of the beautiful bride.


We found this stylish updo hairstyle on Eva Longoria and it looks very loose and not uptight and too restricting, which works great for curly hairstyle. Her hair is mid-part and with lots of loose tendrils hanging from the side that soften key areas.

This will make any bride look trendy and because the front of the hair is still flat, wedding accessories can also be used. The back of her hair is pinned back loosely as well.


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